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Solar systems

for home owners and renters

Home owners

For home owners

Australia has the highest uptake of solar globally, with more than 21% of homes with rooftop solar PV.

The process of converting sunlight into electricity using PV systems produces zero greenhouse gas emissions.

Excess electricity can be directed into the grid, delivering a feed-in payment, or it can be stored in a rechargeable battery for later use. Batteries can also provide back-up power in the event of blackouts.

A solar PV and battery system offers the potential of off-grid energy self-sufficiency. It’s also a major step in the transition away from fossil fuels.


Platinum Optimised

PV Systems


Premium Plus

PV Systems


Premium PV 



For renters

$0 Upfront solar package

Solar for renter is a package of 12 solar panels Jinko 330W with a 3Kw inverter Sungrow at $0 upfront cost for renters who wants to benefit of solar energy to reduce their energy bills.

How can you get this solar system as a renter? 

You can get this system from 0$ upfront cost if you or your property landlord is eligible for the Solar government rebate and for the interest-free loan.


Interest-free loan is a loan valued at $1888 offered by the victorian government payable in a maximum of 48months ( $39.33/month).

Condition for $0 Upfront: 

To get this system for $0 Upfront the house should be single storey and the system should be installed facing only one direction.

Any extra direction or house bigger then single storey will add an extra cost.

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