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Home energy audit level 1

Energy Bills Audit

A home energy audit is a process that helps you to identify where your home is losing energy and what steps you can take to improve energy efficiency.

Home energy audit level 2

Energy Audit

The home energy audit level 2 is a more detailed energy audit, reviewing your energy consumption like the level 1 audit and analysing your water consumption, performing a deeper inspection of the building shell and the study of renewable energy system implementation. This level 2 audit takes about 2h

Residential efficiency scorecard

Residential Efficiency Scorecard

A Scorecard assessment will tell you where your home is using the most energy and how you can reduce your use while staying comfortable. It will also give your home a star rating representing the average energy cost of your home.

Energy Audit

Assessing buildings with a thermal camera allows us to detect any thermal irregularities or anomalies present within your current building shell.

Energy audit

A blower door tests will determine a home's airtightness. 

-Reducing energy consumption due to air leakage

-Avoiding moisture condensation problems

-Avoiding uncomfortable drafts caused by cold air leaking in from the outdoors

-Determining how much mechanical ventilation might be needed to provide acceptable indoor air quality.