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Garry Manfroid is an energy assessor and has been working in the field of energy for more than 10 years now. He did study energy in Belgium and France and own a Bachelor degree in "Mastering and integrating energy in buildings".

Garry also create the robotic characters of the Myer Christmas Windows of Melbourne every year. He is an animatronic technician who is passionate about creativity projects and technology.


  • 2013: Bachelor degree: Mastering and integrating energy in buildings.

  • 2012: Advanced diploma : Fluid - Energy - Environment

  • 2006: Tafe: Electrican- automation


  • HVAC Commissioning technician              ( Heating/Ventilation/Air-Conditioning)     :  9 years

  • Electrician:  13 years

  • Animatronics technician ( animated robots ): 5 years

  • Energy system designer in thermodynamic engineer office: 1 year